Ebb and Flow

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Copyright 2008. All Rights Reserved.

Dance and make romance, don’t slip, grip
a glance to the distance, raise your hand for assurance
Jump in a slump, transition all attention,
a fixed eye focused on what’s yet to come.
But damn, damn, damn, what if it never does.

Speed sow a seed, find a feeling not so common...
find yourself falling in your dreams,
lucid illusions of what’s really happening.
A live in librarian feeding inclination...
To know...

Some new stuff, first rough, then makes you tough.
Each time, beat down.
Then get back up, stronger
New shoes, new route, old blue, I saw it too... it’s shadow...
Oh, the moon’s influence.

Chemical, physical concentrations.
Batting eyes, realize, your perspective.
Sleepy eyes that wake up.
Life’s in a cup, some sip it, some drink it,
some gulp it on up.
Like a song or a dance or a night of romance.
Like a trance or dream or so it may seem.