Dreamer Seeker Believer Doer

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Copyright 2007. All Rights Reserved.

AKA - "Sleeper"

Go to sleep now dreamer, doer, believer, seeker.
Your day was long, but now it's time to lye down.

Send me a dream, for those last thoughts, before I fall asleep.

Settle in now, take a big breath, stop all those thoughts from running
through your worried mind, the kids are fine.
For the day is long, but that's another song.
This is a lullaby, a pillow's delight, designed for sending, dreams pending
on the edge of your thoughts, just before you fall asleep.

Sending you a dream.
Lullaby, summertime, warm nights, cool sheets, find a breeze...
To whisper you to sleep.
Sending you a dream.

Find you a breeze to whisper you to sleep.
Let your eyes roll right on back into the night.